we take cancer personally.

Its not just DNA testing that makes personalized medicine personal. It’s also each step through the cancer journey from expert pathology review, therapy selection, cancer care support, financial navigation, and clinical trial search. Cancer Guardian is your dedicated partner every step of the way.

Comprehensive Cancer Support

Cancer is a complex genetic disease. Cancer Guardian is a transformative benefit program that can help in the prevention and management of cancer by combining the power of DNA testing with the personalized support of expert cancer care resources.

Cancer Support Specialists

Being a member of Cancer Guardian means that you are always supported by real people, in real time.

  • Cancer Information Line
  • Dedicated Cancer Support Specialist
  • Expert Pathology Review
  • On-Site Nurse Advocate (one visit)

DNA Testing

Leverage DNA testing innovations to both prevent and combat cancer.

Hereditary Risk Screening Test – preventative test to understand your genetic risk for certain hereditary cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and additional conditions

Comprehensive Genomic Testing – post-diagnosis test to help identify personalized treatment options

Cancer Navigation Technology

The cancer journey can be confusing and financially devastating. Cancer Guardian provides white-glove support through:

  • Medical Records Platform
  • Clinical Trial Explorer
  • Financial Navigation

Cancer Guardian provides services that are not typically made available or covered by health insurance.

Monthly Pricing


Under 50
$26Per Month
$34Per Month


Under 50
$26Per Month
$34Per Month

Who is eligible to enroll? CA Judges Association will be offering Cancer Guardian to all association members, spouses, dependent children and non-dependent family members including adult children, parents, parents-in-law and aunts & uncles (anyone related to the member).

Access to Cancer Guardian Services

CoveredYouYour PartnerYour Children
Hereditary Risk Screening Test Day 1 Services
Cancer Information Line Day 1 Services
Medical Records Platform Day 1 Services
Cancer Support Specialists
Expert Pathology Review
On-Site Nurse Advocate
Comprehensive Genomic Profiling
Clinical Trial Explorer
Financial Navigation

Hereditary Risk Screening: If membership is cancelled during the initial 12-month term, the total program charges, minus any payments made, will be charged to the payment method on file upon termination of the program.

Membership will automatically renew annually.

Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, with the highest incidence occurring among those starting at age 55+.1 Protect yourself and loved one with Cancer Guardian™. Request Info 1in2
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